Replaces Tweeters In Several Lexus, Scion, Subaru, and Toyota Vehicles

Speaker Adapter Shown to Fit 1'' Tweeters.




Adapter Kit Fits:

10-15 Lexus rx 350 Center of Dash Location
10-15 Lexus RX 450H Center of Dash Location
11-16 Scion tC Front Doors Location
19-20 Subaru Ascent Center of Dash Location
18-20 Subaru Crosstrek Outer Dash Location
19-20 Subaru Forester Outer Dash Location
17-20 Subaru Impreza Outer Dash Location
20-20 Subaru Legacy Center of Dash Location
20-20 Subaru Outback Center of Dash Location
05-12 Toyota Avalon Center of Dash Location
13-18 Toyota Avalon Rear Doors Location
13-20 Toyota Avalon Outer Dash Location
19-20 Toyota Avalon Dash Center Location
12-20 Toyota Camry Outer Dash Location
14-20 Toyota Highlander Outer Dash Location
20-20 Toyota Highlander Rear Gate Location
13-20 Toyota RAV4 Outer Dash Location
07-20 Toyota Tundra (all cab types) Center of Dash Location

Available Sizes:


Speaker Size:

How many kits:
     ** A kit will contain the number of pieces (with supporting hardware) as displayed in the product photo.