Replaces Speakers In Several Infiniti And Nissan Vehicles

Speaker Adapter Shown to Fit 6 1/2'' Aftermarket Speakers.


Replaces Factory Speakers Like This One:



Adapter Kit Fits:

03-12 Infiniti FX Front and Rear Locations
03-13 Infiniti G Front and Rear Locations
96-99 Infiniti I30 Front Location
03-06 Infiniti M45 Front and Rear Locations
01-06 Infiniti Q45 Front and Rear Locations
03-09 Nissan 350Z Front and Rear Locations
09-16 Nissan 370Z Front Location
98-16 Nissan Altima Front Location
04-15 Nissan Armada Rear Location
08-14 Nissan Cube Rear Location
08-13 Nissan Cube Front Location
98-04 Nissan Frontier Front Location
05-16 Nissan Frontier Rear Location
09-16 Nissan GT-R Front Location
11-16 Nissan Juke Front and Rear Locations
11-16 Nissan Leaf Front and Rear Locations
95-08 Nissan Maxima Front Location
00-14 Nissan Maxima Rear Location
03-16 Nissan Murano Front and Rear Locations
98-02 Nissan Pathfinder Front Location
05-14 Nissan Pathfinder Rear Location
04-09 Nissan Quest Front Location
11-15 Nissan Quest Rear Location
08-16 Nissan Rogue Rear Location
00-15 Nissan Sentra Front Location
13-15 Nissan Sentra Rear Location
04-15 Nissan Titan Rear Location
07-16 Nissan Versa Front and Rear Locations
00-04 Nissan Xterra Front Location
05-15 Nissan Xterra Rear Location

Available Sizes:


Speaker Size:

How many kits:
     ** A kit will contain the number of pieces (with supporting hardware) as displayed in the product photo.